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World’s Fastest Time-of-Flight Camera

Time-of-flight 3D imaging is the key technology in autonomous cars, robotics, and remote sensing. Building on more than 20 years of research on photonic time stretch data acquisition, our laboratory recently demonstrated the world’s fastest time of flight 3D camera....

Research on Deep Cytometry Published in Scientific Reports

Our recent work "Deep Cytometry: Deep learning with Real-time Inference in Cell Sorting and Flow Cytometry" which shows that high-throughput label-free cell classification with high accuracy can be achieved through a combination of time stretch quantitative phase...

Jalali-Lab Research on Deep Learning in Digital Engineering News

Mathworks® has recently featured our work on Deep Learning (DL) in Digital Engineering News. The article titled as Deep Learning Accelerates Product Development was posted by Randall Newton in Engineering Computing on May 1, 2018. Few words from the article "UCLA...

Jalali-Lab Releases Python Code for Image Super Resolution

RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution) is an image processing algorithm reported by Google Research in 2016. The algorithm creates high resolution images from lower resolution images and is reportedly deployed on Google phones. The source code released on...

Time stretch and its applications

Professor Jalali and collaborators from four continents publish a thorough review of the Time Stretch technology in Nature Photonics. The review article explains how Time Stretch overcomes the speed limitations of electronic digitizers and enables ultrafast...

Deep Learning Microscope

Prof. Bahram Jalali presented a keynote talk entitled "Deep Learning Microscope" at the The 7th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics 2017 in Singapore. The talk described our group's success in detection of cancer cells in blood using the time...

Time stretch spectral shearing interferometry

Time stretch can be readily analysed by modelling the band-pass optical signals with low-pass complex envelopes. The transfer function of the dispersive element in the time-stretch system, H(ω), is mainly a phase propagator: in which ϕ(ω) is the phase profile of the...


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Undergraduate researcher Nora Brackbill

Undergraduate researcher Nora Brackbill received National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and will attend Stanford University Ph.D. program in September 2013.
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Undergraduate researcher Rebecca Brown

Undergraduate researcher Rebecca Brown got admitted to and will attend medical school in July 2013.
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Postdoctoral scholar Keisuke Goda

Postdoctoral scholar Keisuke Goda (2007-2012) appointed Full Professor at University of Tokyo.
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2012 Aron Kressel Award

Professor Bahram Jalali received the 2012 Aron Kressel Award from the IEEE photonics society.
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2012 Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award

Professor Bahram Jalali received The 2012 Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award from The Engineers’ Council.
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2011-2012 Electrical Engineering Department's Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation Award

Ali Fard has won the 2011-2012 Electrical Engineering Department’s Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Physical & Wave Electronics.
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Kam Yan Hon's paper

Kam Yan Hon’s paper titled “The Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Coefficients of Si, Ge, and Si(1-x)Ge(x) in the midwave and longwave infrared” has been selected to be on the cover of Journal of Applied Physics. Congratulations!

Using a combination of semiconductor theory and experimental results from the scientific literature, we have compiled and plotted the key third-order nonlinear optical coefficients of bulk crystalline Si and Ge as a function of wavelength (1.5-6.7 um for Si and 2.0-14.7 um for Ge).

Link to the article

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SPIE Scholarship

Ali Fard wins SPIE Scholarship. This award recognizes his academic and research excellence in the field of optics and photonics. Congratulations!


Burroughs Welcome Fund Career Award

Keisuke Goda wins Burroughs Welcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface! The purpose of this award is to bridge advanced postdoctoral training and the first three years of faculty service. Congratulations!