High-Throughput Optical Microscopy for Cancer Detection

Research | High-Throughput Optical Microscopy for Cancer Detection
High-Throughput Optical Microscopy for Cancer Detection
While useful for detailed examination of a small number of microscopic entities, conventional optical microscopy is incapable of statically relevant screening of large populations (> 1 billion) with high precision due to its low throughput and limited digital memory size. We are currently developing a new type of automated flow-through single-cell optical microscope that overcomes this

limitation by performing sensitive blur-free image acquisition and non-stop real-time image-recording and classification of a large number of cells during high-speed flow. The technology is expected to hold great promise for early, non-invasive, low-cost detection of cancer.

Steam calculation
Serial time-encoded amplified imaging/microscopy (STEAM) is a fast real-time optical

imaging method that provides ~10 MHz frame rate, ~100 ps shutter speed, and ~30 dB ( 1000) optical image gain. As of today, STEAM holds world records for shutter speed and frame rate in continuous real-time imaging. STEAM employs the photonic time stretch along with optical image amplification to circumvent the fundamental trade-off between sensitivity and speed that affects virtually all optical imaging and sensing systems. With this calculator, you will be able to determine spatial and temporal resolution of 1D STEAM System. Please click the schematic or link to explore further.

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