We are happy to announce the release of the first Physics-inspired Computer Vision Library: PhyCV. PhyCV has a new class of computer vision algorithms that emulates the propagation of light through a physical medium with natural and engineered diffractive properties followed by coherent detection. Unlike traditional algorithms that are a sequence of hand-crafted empirical rules, physics-inspired algorithms leverage physical laws of nature as blueprints. These algorithms can, in principle, be implemented in real physical devices for fast and efficient computation.

PhyCV is available on GitHub and can be installed from pip. Currently PhyCV has two algorithms: Phase Stretch Transform (PST) and Phase-Stretch Adaptive Gradient-Field Extractor (PAGE) that were previously released by our lab. We refactored the previous code of PST and PAGE to make them modular, efficient, GPU-accelerated and object-oriented. You can find the documentation here. Contributions to PhyCV are welcomed and encouraged!