Milestones in Silicon Photonics by the Jalali-Lab

The First THz emission from silicon diodes
L. Xu, et al., APL December 1991

The First Photonic Couplers & Splitters in silicon
P.D. Trinh, et al., EL, November 1995

The First Mach-Zehnder interferometer in silicon
B. Jalali et al., IEE Proc. Opto., October 1996.

The First optical star coupler in silicon
P.D. Trinh et al., PTL, June 1996.

The First Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AWG) in silicon
P.D. Trinh, PTL, July 1997.

The First Optical delay lines in silicon
S. Yegnanarayanan et al., PTL, May 1997

The First rewiew article on silicon photonics.
Jalali et al., IEEE JSTQE,1998

The First Raman light emission from silicon waveguides
R. Claps, et al. OE, November 2002

The First Optical amplification in Silicon
R. Claps, et al. OE, July 2003

The First Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) & Wavelength Conversion in silicon
R. Claps, et al. OE, November 2003

The First Silicon Laser
O. Boyraz et al, “OE, October 2004.
B. Jalali, Scientific American, February 2007

The First Continuum Generation in silicon
O. Boyraz et al.OE, August 2004

The First Optical gain and lasing in SiGe
O. Boyraz et al. Optics Express, April 2005

The First Nonlinear photovoltaic effect
S. Fathpour, et al. APL, August 2006

The publication of seminal review paper “Silicon Photonics”, Bahram Jalali and Sasan Fathpour, JLT 2006

In 2014, IEEE announced that the paper is among the top twenty cited papers in the history of IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology. In 2016, the paper was selected by the journal’s Editorial Board for the Special Issue: “A Third of a Century (January 1983 – April 2016)”. It was one of the 13 selected papers in the area of “Lasers and Opto-Electronic Devices.”

The First Optical amplification in mid infrared in silicon
V. Raghunathan, et al. OE, October 2007

The First Multi-Layer 3D Monolithic Integration of photonic devices in silicon
P. Koonath et al, OE 2007

The First Inverse Raman scattering in silicon
D. R. Solli, et al. PRA May 2009.

The First Periodic Poled Silicon (PePSi)
N.K. Hon, APL, 94, 091116( 2009)

The First Raman beam cleanup in silicon
David Borlaug, et al. OE, (2010)

The First Stimulated supercontinuum generation in silicon
Peter DeVore, et al, APL 2012

The First Caculation of Optical Information Capacity of Silicon
D. Dimitropoulos B. Jalali, IEEE Ph. J. 2015

The First Optical Dynamic Range Compression in Silicon
Y. Jiang et al. APL